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We are Melbourne based software solutions and integration service providers who designs,
develops, integrates and maintains business applications, to enable enterprises, solve complex,
mission critical business problems.

We use state-of-the-art technologies in Applications Development to translate your IT vision into reality and create powerful solutions that are focused on enhancing customer relations, increasing revenue opportunities and the creation of new competitive advantage for you.

Our Application Development service offerings include:

e-Business solutions
e-business solutions enable organizations to reduce time to market, get closer to customers and achieve long-term, profitable growth. We can help you to become web connected by providing solutions like:

* Internet strategy development
* Web enablement of legacy applications
* e-Business development
* Internet and Intranet solutions
* Portal solutions

Custom application development
we use technology to create powerful solutions that are focused on such critical areas as enhancing customer relations and increasing revenue opportunities. We design software's to take advantage of the interactive networking and document interfacing technologies of the future and to ensure a dramatic reduction in your cost of application maintenance and enhancement.

Application Maintenance
We handle functional application enhancements in a planned an restructured manner. You are given regular reports that inform you about progress status and enable you to measure the value added to your application by each customization and application enhancement.
We enhance value of your applications by ensuring that you have access to the functionality that you require to keep pace with changing business requirements.

Application Migration
We ensure that reliability and integrity of your application are maintained by using a structured approach to application migration. We take into consideration the constant changes, changes in technology and formulate application architectures designed to increase the portability of your application future platforms and toolkits.

Application Re-engineering
We improves the value of old, legacy systems by re-engineering them to enhance functionality and maintainability. We improve the performance of applications so that they exceed performance benchmarks. We have expertise in re-engineering application source code to determine functionality. Then compare that your current business requirements and recommend
how best to improve your applications and convert them into effective productivity tools for you.

Technology we use
If you are looking for a firm that undertakes software development services and provides high quality professional support to customers through the whole development process, utilizing cost-effective methods; you are at the right place - VSC. We, at VSC can tailor a custom-made solution to help you accomplish your business objectives.

We currently support following technologies
Architectures: Microsoft. Net
Application Servers/Middleware's: Microsoft Transaction server and Message Queuing
Web Servers: Microsoft IIS Server, Apache Server
Server Languages: ASP.NET, Active Server Pages (ASP), PHP
Script Language: VBScript, JavaScript
Distributed Technologies: COM/DCOM
Communications: SOAP, SSL
Databases: Oracle, MS Sql Server, MySql
Other: SharePoint Administration


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